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Just stumbled across these videos from the UCL Institute of Congitive Neuroscience and thought I’d share.  From the site:

Read the whole post here:  BEATBOXING ON THE BRAIN  - Pretty cool stuff!

"…video of real-time movements of the articulators (lips, tongue etc) during beatboxing – this was collected using a special rapid MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) sequence that captured 3-4 images per second. The sound you can hear in the background in the noise made by the scanner as it acquires the images. Most people are usually impressed by the tongue in these scans, not just for its size but for how nimbly it jumps around inside the oral cavity."


Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know
(via Smithsonian Magazine)

(via MONSTER BRAINS: Hedorah and Godzilla - Anatomical Paintings)
Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela


A Web app tailors language learning to your ability, and turns the experience into a game.

A world memory champion and a neuroscientist have joined forces to create a language-learning website called Memrise, which combines mnemonic tricks with a game to help users learn quickly and efficiently. Its carefully paced learning structure and competitive points system, the app’s developers believe, make their site more effective than other language-learning tools.

Memrise makes learning a game with virtual gardens that users must tend. As they do, they also earn points and thereby fight their way up a community-wide leaderboard.

Mandarin Chinese and English are the only languages that have been rolled out yet, but others including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Arabic can be used in beta form. The app was recently featured at this year’s Boston Techstars event, which presented startups that were chosen to receive investment.

The premise is that each word or phrase is a seed for users to plant in their gardens. A new word is planted when a user is exposed to it. Once planted, the seed sprouts in a few hours and must be harvested—that is, the user is tested, typically by having to type out words or choose characters, depending on the language. With each success, a plant is moved to a greenhouse, where it will thrive or wilt depending on how well the user tends it by practicing with the word.

Great article written by Zoe Burgess, one of the newest members of the Rhythm, Rhyme, Results team.   Great work, Zoe!

Support literacy in Africa.  We love this project, and encourage you to help them in their mission!

We love math, but still found this amusing. :)


We love math, but still found this amusing. :)